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A Fine Start

We raised the curtain and our first members have joined the Showcase Me Online family. Excitement abounds as our goal is to get uploads in all sections. And so we begin...

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Seeking Members

This month I began contacting agents and agencies in an effort to get the word out about the new arrival of Showcase Me Online to the web. While we are getting new members, we do need content to make this great idea a success story. If you are an artist in any of our sections, please upload your content. Because of you, this will work together.


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New Look!

With the help of the awesome team at Kit Media ( we have redesigned our home page to make it allow for easier navigation of Showcase Me Online. This week I am changing the section displays from "list" to "grid" so there will be even more exposure for all uploaded content. We are constantly trying to make this website truly a place for you to showcased. Thank you for visiting.


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Welcome New Friends & Members

A big welcome to Chris Ahern, Filmnut, Renane and AlainaS, our 4 newest members.

Chris is a Michigan photographer and has already begun uploading his works to our photography section.

Because of their involvement and input there already have been positive changes made to Showcase Me Online.

Thank you Chris Ahern, Filmnut, Renane and AlainaS


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And so we begin!

WOW! Finally we raise the curtains and open membership to you.

Thank you to all our friends and family for your incredible patience and moral support over the last 4 years.

So.....Let's do what we came here to do!

My blog will keep you updated on the news and improvements within Showcase Me Online (SMO). For example, who will be our next webcast featured artist? Will it be video or audio?

Thank you again and...